Are they trying to kill the Arts? #SaveTheArts don't #rethink, don't #reskill.

"You should find something else", "rethink", "reskill", the Government said. NO, I WILL NOT and you shouldn't either (if you love your job).

✋ I won't find something else because there is nothing to find, I'm not searching, I'm not seeking something else.

For years I have searched inside and outside of myself, tried so many things, looking for signs, words, meaning and I found them, 12 years ago.

I won't rethink because it took me a lot of thinking to get where I am today. We spend most of our lives trying to find out who we are, who we want to be. What is the nature of our soul? What is our purpose? I have thought long enough and I found my answer.

I won't reskill because I was born with some powerful skills already, we all are born to do something, to excel in something. Books can only get one so far but they are of no use if there isn't something inside. Yes! That pulsating beat, that burning fire, that call to create, to give, to awaken the sense of wonder in people. 📚 Books never taught me about courage.

The courage needed to choose a non-conventional profession against all the odds,, to choose the life of a creative, of an artist. To leave my country and my family to pursue my dream. That courage! I never gave anything for granted because life was quick to show me that nothing in life is free and that everything must be earned. So I did it, I decided to be who I was meant to be, a Photographer.

Not a virus, nor the darkest times will ever deflect me from the path that I chose because I was born to do what I do. Anyone who thinks that artists and creatives can just "find something else" has no idea of the sacrifices and of the amount of hard work, constant commitment, sweat, and tears necessary to grow in this field. Not to mention the constant struggle for validation, respect, and recognition. No, it is not just about pressing the button, trust me. With this in mind please remember that if you really want to support creatives, artists, and small businesses, you should not tell them to find something else. Instead, you can share their work, recommend them to your friends and peers, choose their products and services over the ones from agencies and big corporations.

Resilience isn't just a cool fashionable word for us, it is a way of living, there is no giving up, no changing. Just growing, improving, learning, creating more.


#thinkingoutloud #heretostay #truetoyourself #supportsmallbusinesses

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