It’s the wow-factor to determine the art of Charlie Burgio, that being the marvel for every new creation. A leitmotiv that starts from his love for art and music, a direct and immediate implementation
of various languages that all lead to photography. Light, sensibility and vision are the key ingredients.
Every Charlie’s image has a message to convey, a perfect blend between what is easily readable and what the viewer can freely interpret. It’s the culture of the worlds that want to be told, like pieces of a mosaic, a journey that is recounted starting from Sicily aiming to travel to every corner of the Earth.

In 2013 Charlie has made the city of London his center of gravity, where he could compare himself with greater realities and be inspired by the fashion scene to raise his artistic level. He initially studied photography in Italy, he then continued the path of self-knowledge creating his imprint and technique, always evolving and transforming it.

Over the years, Charlie has built a reputation for his technical ability to translate ideas into beautiful images. His work is bold and imaginative, shooting for both commercial and artistic purposes; his clients include designers, models, actors, singers and major event companies.

In 2015 his meticulous research on beauty was enriched by a rising and conscious interest on modern society’s problems which lead him to produce short-films and images that would deal with social problems like mass consumerism, loss of values, mind control by the media, homophobia, eating disorders linked to the fashion world and the freedom of expression. Later that year he would publish the creative project “Rebirth” that has taken him and his team two years of work resulting in over ten original ideas, photographs and videos.

Between 2016 and 2017 Charlie has started his full immersion with the fashion world collaborating with different designers and covering London Fashion Week. Charlie’s photographs of the event have been loved and shared by remarkable designers as Mark Fast and David Ferreira. He later worked for the ethical fashion brand “The Autonomous Collections” for whom he created great imagery and video material including an editorial that has later been published on the 2017 Spring Summer issue of Eluxe magazine.  More editorials would follow like the one for the London based fashion brand Mastrioni has been published on Horizon magazine.

Charlie’s presence in the social media has been remarkable with his Facebook page that is soon to reach 10,000 followers and his YouTube channel with over 1 million views.      
Charlie is available for commissions and collaborations in London.

Creative projects and more:

On December 25th 2015, he published #DARKXMAS short-film.
The project inspired by the previous "Xmas Project", born in 2012 to celebrate the magic and tradition of Christmas, is a statement of how the tradition has changed. A graphic representation of its death, as devoured by a society ruled by consumerism, suffering from an irreverent materialism.

Burgio says: "I started my career shooting only male subjects who weren’t always professional models.
Over time, however, I dedicated my creative efforts to female subjects, portraying a woman who plays different roles and embodies original trends and visions”

In the "Amazing Grace” project I wanted to celebrate an ineffable woman whose primordial beauty is untouchable. A beauty that is rendered eternal and shining from the encounter with nature, one that is different and contrasting, going from the wild and thorny passing through a field of pure white flowers illuminated at sunset, to some simple rushes. In the "Amazing Grace" project the nature and the woman become elements of symbiotic vitality.

Later I studied the image of women throughout history and in particular in the "Burlesque" era to finally get to something new in the "Rebirth" project in 2015.

Within Rebirth the woman takes on a different role, where I wanted to represent the different types of beauty. A woman out of every stereotype who is made proud and fierce thanks to the affirmation of her beauty, being able to communicate beyond herself. In this project there are different social messages that I wanted to represent: NO to homophobia, Equal rights for everyone and freedom of expression".

Biography by Giorgia Butera

Sociologist of Communication, Writer, Producer