Never lose your sense of wonder” is the ambitious philosophy that defines the art of Charlie Burgio.

A path that begins from the essence of beauty and the love of art, a direct and immediate transposition of various languages that flow into photography. Light, flair, and the desire to amaze are the key ingredients of an ingenious evolution, that is constantly looking for new expressive models through the art of photography.


For twelve years, Charlie has built a reputation for his innate ability to translate ideas into extraordinary images. Always finessing the very latest techniques and carrying out extensive research, have made his work bold and original, allowing him to specialize in a wide array of photography types ranging from commercial to artistic. “CB Photography” has an ever-growing and diverse clientele that includes artists, stylists, entrepreneurs, businesses and brands. Charlie's work constantly raises the quality bar and aspires to offer his clients a unique product. His extensive experience in the event industry has opened up the doors to the most prestigious venues in London such as the Royal Premises of St. James's Palace, the Natural History Museum, The Royal Albert Hall, the Ritz Hotel and the O2 Arena among others.


Flanked by his team of image experts, Charlie produced numerous creative projects, characterized by the combination of photography with set design, fashion and makeup. His trademark is the light, which he uses in an almost pictorial manner, defining ethereal and enticing shapes and worlds. His mother island, Sicily, has long been associated with the arts, many poets, writers and artists were born there. Charlie's creativity is strongly influenced by the beauty of Sicilian landscapes and more specifically by its prestigious Greek and Roman artistic heritage, which he studied to refine his aesthetic canons.


From 2017 his passion for fashion led him to London Fashion Week, where he worked for some remarkable designers including the world-renowned designer Mark Fast. His support of conscious fashion led him to collaborate with ethical fashion brands The Autonomous Collections and Avant Habit. The research on beauty has been enriched by his rising awareness towards modern society’s issues inspired him to produce photo and video reportages that deal with current social issues like mass consumerism, loss of values, mind control by the media, homophobia, racism and the freedom of expression.

There is an exciting and prosperous future ahead for Charlie with projects including his first personal photographic exhibition in London (which will be the 6th personal exhibition of his work), photographic specialization workshops and the publication of his first photography book.

Giorgia Butera
Sociologist of Communication
Human Rights Advocacy

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