"If you can dream it, you can do it"  Walt Disney

The creative projects are the chance to push the boundaries of my imagination. CB projects are not only about photography as they combine art, fashion, make-up, beauty and vision.

Some projects were born for the "Art's sake", some others deal with some social themes.



"Remember to always dare"


Project dedicated to the cult of the male body, to its proportions and details that make it comparable to a work of art. Just like a statue le physique represented in Virtus combines...READ MORE


"Love of beauty is taste.

The creation of beauty is art."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The project is about the strength and about the impact that beauty has on modern society. It recounts how  the pure, simple and natural beauty was dead and abused and now is reborn.  

In this project  the woman...READ MORE

Dark Xmas


My idea of Christmas has always been

old-fashioned and bond to tradition. 

Since I was a child I have always felt something magic about Christmas and it's the exact same feeling I'm trying to keep alive now

that I'm older. Growing up always widens your point of view and makes you realise that maybe Christmas has lost its magic and has turned into something else....READ MORE



"Beauty lives forever"
This photographs were created during the XmasProject 2013 but I thought they deserved a proper publication.

The model embodies the idea of winter beuaty, imperishable thanks to the power of the ice that defeats time and decay...READ MORE

Amazing Grace

Photographic project that focuses on feminine beauty at its finest expression. Mixing the eternal and idyllic landscapes of Sicily with the fresh and never vulgar beauty of woman, all wrapped with a touch of fashion, color and magic light...READ MORE



It’s Burlesque! The inspiration for this photoshoot dates back to 2010 when the Burlesque movie came out.

The photography, the lights and the music of the movie really impressed me so I decided that one day I would create my own Burlesque and...READ MORE

Xmas Project


Christmas as you never saw it before!
An image research driven by a childhood dream that will never perish.

Romantic, sexy, colorfull, cheeky, classy, magical, musical...this is how I kept the Christmas spirit alive with my photographs...READ MORE

The Goddess of the Sea

​​The Goddess of the Sea is one of my early projects. Being a sucker for art and Greek/Roman classicism the idea of shooting a goddess tickled my fancy. The perfect location was my homeland, Sicily, where some of the best coasts of all Italy are. Sunrise and sunset were...READ MORE